How to Treat Stretch Marks after Birth

Giving birth to a child is the loveliest moment for every woman. There is no greater joy in life than having a baby in your hands for the first time. After giving birth, you can see many stretch marks in your belly and you need to treat it properly

Stretch marks are created on the skin frequently at the time of before and after childbirth. However, stretch marks are normally connected with childbirth and pregnancy, it is not real. Stretch marks can likewise occur due to weight gain, extreme physical work involving an appropriate part of the skin, pubertal changes, bodybuilding, dieting, etc. Stretch marks are described as Striae Distensae medically. Though bad they may look, stretch marks are forever a cosmetic problem and they have no consequences on the health of the person.

An important part of the celebration of childbirth is broken when the woman sees out that the pregnancy has created several bothersome changes in the body. Stretch marks are one of the topmost pregnancy-related difficulties. These bring a big dampener on the self-confidence of women. A few women may determine not to give birth to a baby simply to avoid the disfiguring altering that pregnancy causes. There are several best stretch mark cream for pregnancy to remove your unwanted scars and make you look beautiful.How to Treat Stretch Marks after Birth

Useful herbs for the treatment of stretch marks

When you’re purchasing for the stretch mark cream for pregnancy, then you will have to look for those which are not too creamy as these can taint your clothes. Your skin should quickly be able to consume the ingredients and the best elements for your skin to consume are those which are original. That is why natural extraction solutions are more extremely recommended than chemical-laden outcomes. If you put this stretch mark cream for pregnancy on the concerned areas daily and add it with drinking lots of water and workouts, the stretch marks should be eliminated or naturally reduced.

Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)

The tulsi or the holy basil is utilized in the stoppage of bleeding of tissue, scarring and stretch marks that can happen during pregnancy.

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica)

The Gotu kola is an original Indian herb which is being widely marketed and employed in foreign countries for treating stretch marks and additional remedial problems of the skin. It is a vital ingredient in various pharmaceutical products for the medicine of the stretch mark cream for pregnancy.

Indian Madder (Rubia cordifolia)

Indian madder is noted as the Manjishtha in Ayurvedic style. It is very powerful in the solution of surface problems such as stretch marks. It likewise prevents skin sores.

Indian Margosa (Azadirachta Indica)

The Indian margosa is also called as the neem, which is nearly admired in Ayurvedic medication. This is utilized to prevent irritations and sores that can be created during pregnancy and it is also used to remove stretch marks. The neem is additionally useful in the therapy of secondary infections.

Sandalwood (Chandana)

Sandalwood has a cooling impact on the skin. It shields the skin from stretching broadly during pregnancy.

Dietary treatments for treatment of stretch marks

During pregnancy, women must nourish their skin. For this, their intake must include an adequate amount of vitamin and minerals. Vitamin E is present in various oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, peanut oil and walnut oil and fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, hazelnut, pollards, soybeans, corn, oatmeal and asparagus. Oatmeal is commonly recommended for women to prevent their stretch marks.

The food should likewise contain sufficient amounts of vitamin C, which is crucial in keeping the water content of the body. This can be gained from green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, which must be consumed in a minimum cooked form.

Pungent and sour foods must be withdrawn. Likewise, saturated fats must be prevented in excess, as they can cause extreme stretching of the skin, and further lead to weight gain. Having seeds and nuts that are plentiful in mineral content and particularly zinc will tone up your skin.

A good diet means elastic skin, healthy and unexpected weight gain is the kind most likely to induce stretch marks. If you can have things calm and maintain good skin with essential collagen production, your surface will be much more apt to stretch without harm. Verify to drink lots of water, as properly. Good hydration retains your body, your newborn, and your skin in normal condition.

The water level of the skin must be retained high to sustain its suppleness. When pregnant, the woman must consume at least six to eight glassful of water in a day.

Home remedies for the treatment of stretch marks

Stretch mark cream

Apply the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy that is rich in content on the area where stretch marks are likely to occur. This will limit the stretch marks from developing later on. Even if the stretch marks endure later, you can use vitamin E bearing creams on the region for removing them.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is extremely acclaimed for limiting pregnancy stretch marks. This butter must be used to the skin every evening when you are pregnant. Cocoa butter has much more advantages if it is utilized directly after a lukewarm shower as it opens up the holes of the skin and encourages it to penetrate better.

Vitamin E

You can apply vitamin E rich oil such as castor oil, olive oil and rub it over the belly every nighttime. Apply some fragrant herbs like lemongrass, mint, lavender, thyme, etc., create a paste of them with the vitamin E oil and use them on the belly for more desirable effects. The massage must be performed for nearly twenty minutes every nighttime while going to bed. Moreover, if this is performed after delivery, it supports the stretch marks to fall after some weeks.

The best stretch mark cream for pregnancy will only be useful if you understand how to utilize them properly. This is particularly true for pregnant ladies, who will be restricted in the number of choices they have. While almost anyone can have stretch marks, they are very common in women who are pregnant, and they can be quite irritating to deal with. For this best stretch mark cream for pregnancy to be active, you have to begin utilizing them as soon as you observe the stretch marks appear. The reason for this is as fresher stretch marks are simple to remove than the one which is earlier. The eternal you allow the stretch marks to go without medication, the more difficult they will be to eliminate.

Self Care Mondays #11: Rebel!

September brings about this freshness and renewal for personal growth. With children returning to school we are reminded of the goals we want to achieve and start organizing ourselves to strive towards them.

This can be a great thing… unless you have a tendency towards perfection. If you’re anything like me writing down lists and making big plans gives you a “high” that is most often followed by a “low” when you realize you’ll never get it all done. We set our expectations high and we place so many hopes on that sense of accomplishment that can never come because its just impossible to achieve.

I’ll never plan every meal a week ahead of time or make dinner every night. My husband does way more of the cooking than I and yet I find myself each Sunday convincing myself that I’ll take on the meals because I “should.” Why am I trying so hard to strive to be something that I’m just naturally not?

So I’ve decided this week I’m going to do the exact opposite of setting my sights high and choosing to strive towards perfect stay at home motherhood or at least the societal expectation I put upon myself.

In short- I’m going to rebel.

Rebelling is something we often relate to our teenage years. We may look back at ourselves and roll our eyes at the ways we rebelled now but in that moment the rebellion was essential to our development. Rebelling is a key way to affirm your identity and assert your values whether or not they are part of the establishment. It’s a way of saying, “I’m making these choices for me and not for what I feel society expects.” It’s liberating, it’s freeing, it’s so damn important.

In a way being a mom sometimes feels like those junior high days where you feel you have to do so much to fit in. Only instead  of liking N’Sync and wearing Doc Martens its  feeding your children organic vegetables and knowing everything there is to know about the latest parenting book. Societal expectations and attitudes prey upon the vulnerable, those that are insecure about who they are and that quite perfectly sums up how I’ve felt the past 2 years. Well mamas, its time for a rebellion.

To be honest my actions might not change that much in my rebellion. I set my sights high to cook each week and then they usually don’t pan out anyways. I make cook no more or less than I usually do. However, its my attitude towards how much I cook that will change. I’m not cooking because I feel I should. I’ll cook because  I want to. Now I may cook because there’s a tasty recipe I’ve found or because I want my son to eat more veggies or because I want to do something nice to my husband. But I refuse to cook because I feel that it somehow makes me a better mom in the eyes of society. That attitude I will firmly rebel against.

I’ll take more time for myself this week and ask for it clearly. I’m rebelling against the expectation that moms must be martyrs.

I’ll go with the flow and stop feeling disappointed if I don’t have a firm schedule for my 2 year old. I’m rebelling against the expectation that moms must be in control at all times.

I’ll communicate with my son the way that feels loving and naturally to me. I won’t obsess over saying “good job”too much or worry that anytime I get short with him I’ve done permanent and irreversible damage to his self esteem (I will however, apologize to him). I’m rebelling against the expectation that there is only one right way to parent.

Again, I may go about my week in a similar fashion as always but the way I perceive these actions will change. Instead of rebelling against my sense of self I’m going to rebel against the societal attitudes that I’ve let seep into my life.

So find some small ways to rebel this week. Start to follow your choices and actions based on what you truly want and feels is best regardless of the attitudes out there that say otherwise. Rebel on mamas.

The Other Side

I was in a dark place this last week.

It was dark outside. It was dark inside my mind. I was not me.

I allowed myself to stay in this dark place for quite awhile. I allowed the sleep deprivation to keep me under water. Instead of fighting to thrive I just decided to survive.

Some days as moms we talk about how it is just about getting through the day. But when that becomes every day for a period of time it starts to feel like a dark place. You don’t want to just survive. You want to live, to experience happiness, accomplishment, connection, and fulfilment.

And then this morning I took a brief walk. It was just 5 minutes around my city block while I listened to music but the air felt fresher, my eyes stayed forward instead of looking down, there was a bounce in my step. And it hit me- I had reached the other side.

It’s hard to remember when we are in our dark place that the other side exists. That is is waiting for us. Sometimes it’s up to us to get there and sometimes life circumstances brings it to us. But it is there. Sometimes it gets hard, really hard to find it or wait for it to come. But it’s always out there somewhere.

It’s the place where our best self exists. It’s the place where we feel more whole. The sun shines in our mind. We see all that is before us and are grateful. We see a beautiful self in the mirror and not the monster that was there before.

I write to remember this moment, that refreshing moment of entering the other side. I write so that I remember that it exists if I leave it and am in a dark place again.

I will not get this past week back. I can not take away my mistakes. I can not erase the irritability, the coldness that I spread to my son because he was the only one there to take it. It hurts when I think about it. But its something else I need to remember. I am capable of allowing myself to be less than I am when I’m in dark place. I must be gentle with myself and then others, I must assert my needs, I must ask for help.

So I’ll hopefully be on the other side for awhile. The dark side will start to slowly pull me back. My self-awareness is my best weapon. My belief that I am worthy of always being on this side can help keep me here longer. And if I do get pulled back to the dark side my memory of the other side can hopefully keep my stay there shorter and the strength and motivation to get back to it stronger.

Self-Care Mondays #1o: Let Time Be on Your Side

(I apologize for my absence lately! Between heading back to the US for a visit with family and getting Mentoring 4 Moms started things have  been busy!)

This week my husband and I got some disappointing news. It wasn’t anything very serious but I was pretty upset initially. I didn’t want to be around anyone or talk about it. I was angry, upset, sad, and anxious. I felt like taking it out on others and got myself pretty worked up. But then I decided to take a step back and remember that time has so much power. I knew deep down that time would help me cope with these emotions, see the situation from different perspectives, and heal in my own way. Wanting to hold onto those feelings would only lead me to more frustration. I decided to focus on other things and come back to the situation later when I felt more in control. In a couple days I started seeing things from a different perspective and feel much better about our situation now.

In the moment we can feel so overwhelmed with various emotions- anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration. It leads to us to want to act impulsively- by yelling, taking it out on others, acting before thinking things through. But if we can remember that time will help us and that giving ourselves time to ride the roller coaster or emotions or ride the wave of those strong feelings we can remember that eventually the wave will die down, the roller coaster will come back down and we can be more settled and in control of how we think and respond to situation. Unfortunately we can’t run away from a wave or get off the roller coaster before it goes over that hill….we just have to wait it out.

Take time with your feelings and model this for your children as well. One tool I often would tell parents to use when they felt that initial anger with their children is to tell their child “I’m feeling pretty upset right now. I need some time to calm down. When I am calm we can talk about this and figure out what’s next.” In that message you are also communicating to your child that we should allow ourselves time to deal with feelings before reacting to them, an essential life skill for childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

When you feel the wave come crashing down upon you find a mantra that’s helpful like “this will pass” or “time will heal.” Take a deep breath and let it flow.That’s the great thin about feelings- they don’t last forever.

So next time you’re overwhelmed with a feeling decide to ride the wave and wait it out. Let time do it’s thing and help you heal. When the wave dies down you can then figure out what to do next because you’ve got the control back.