What to Look for in a Baby Mattress

Children are quite sensitive and often startled in their sleep. For your baby to have a good night’s sleep, not to wake up in the middle of the night, a soft, comfortable, and suitable soft crib mattress will be essential. Therefore, parents must research carefully before choosing the best affordable crib mattress. So, what are the tips to help parents choose the best mattress for their children? Let’s find out in the article below!What to Look for in a Baby Mattress

Having a baby mattress helps reduce the risk of sudden death in infants

In the first years of life, the vitality of newborns is very immature and needs special attention and care. Ru9 has received many questions from customers about choosing an infant mattress. And one of the two outstanding issues that many parents are most interested in is:

# 1 Should babies be put on a mattress?

For around the first 6 months, babies should stay in a cot to ensure their safety. From the 6th month onwards, you can put your baby on a separate mattress. Many families still maintain the traditional lifestyle of keeping children lying on a mat or a hardwood floor surface. This has inadvertently caused damage to the child’s backbone system. That is not to mention the case of children being “licked” – children lose a lot of hair after the rotation of the head constantly creating friction with hard surfaces. You know, the child’s backbone is very soft and weak. Therefore, even if the family chooses to buy hardwood or a separate mattress for children, it is necessary to choose a good mattress to cherish and care for the child’s body. A good mattress will help children sleep more comfortably and deeply.

# 2 Should babies share a bed with parents?

In the world today, many organizations carry out many studies on risks of “Parents sharing beds with children”. Newborns are at high risk of dying from sleep-related accidents such as heat, being stuck in the mattress, being pinched, etc. leading to apnea.

Therefore, experts recommend that families should choose to buy separate hardwood beds to keep children safe. However, the price of hardwood is not cheap and must be discarded after the child has grown up. These single mattress lines are both spacious for children to play on and can be used until the age of 15. This is considered a smart spending trend in modern times.What to Look for in a Baby Mattress

The causes of startled baby awakening during the night

The startled awakening during the night causes your baby’s sleep to be incomplete and interrupted, which can even lead to insomnia or staying up all night. Meanwhile, staying awake at night is one of the causes of developmental delays in children. Therefore, parents need to limit the waking frequency of the child in the night. To do this, you must understand the reasons behind the babies’ startled sleeping patterns. The reasons are as follows:

  • Most children wake up at night because their body feels uncomfortable during sleep. Ignoring health conditions such as being sick or teething, the reason from the external environment may be due to the sleeping position, uncomfortable sleeping mattress or maybe due to the surrounding noise
  • Looking more specifically at the environmental conditions of sleep, one of the reasons for the impact may be the surface of the mattress, sheets, blankets are too hard or some components irritate the baby’s skin.
  • Another objective reason is that you give your baby too much sleep during the day. At night, the child is not sleepy, leading to waking up and crying.

Tips when buying a baby mattress for a good night’s sleep

The baby’s body is very fragile, so it should always be protected, even during sleep. When buying a baby mattress, parents need to understand what their child needs for sleep. Parents may note the following:

Choose a soft mattress for children

The Baby’s body is much more sensitive than adults. Lying on a rough mattress will make your baby uncomfortable. This leads to the baby often waking up, fussing, and crying at night. Therefore, the mattress needed for a baby is a soft mattress with a certain level of softness.

Children are often in their developmental stage, so the mattress also needs proper stiffness. If the mattress is too soft, the baby’s body will not be well supported, affecting bone development.What to Look for in a Baby Mattress

Choose a mattress of ideal thickness and elasticity

Many families prefer to choose thin mattresses to limit the baby-falls from the mattress. However, this is completely wrong. Mattresses that are too thin will lack skeletal muscle support. As a result, the forces acting on the child’s body will not be limited, making the child vulnerable to pain and crying. Therefore, you should choose a thick mattress that is soft, elastic, and able to fully support the body’s movements. The ideal height of the mattress thickness is from 15cm to 25cm. In addition to and to no longer worry about your child falling out of bed, you can use the barriers around the bed to limit the play space of your child.

The mattress must be well ventilated

When buying a baby mattress, you also need to pay attention to ventilation. Babies always have hotter body temperatures than adults, therefore sweating and lying in a hotbed makes them feel uncomfortably hot. Therefore, you need to buy mattresses with high ventilation, to help your baby feel cool and comfortable when sleeping.

Mattress safety for health

The Baby’s skin is also very sensitive. Therefore, parents need to choose a mattress for babies with safe materials for health. This avoids having your baby have allergies or other health-related problems.

Mattress size for children

There are many sad cases where newborns have suddenly died during sleep, especially when sleeping with their parents and relatives and there are many reasons given for this including heat or being trampled on, etc. Therefore, experts recommend that families should consider choosing separate mattresses for their children. One suggestion is to buy a mattress size of 1m2x2m to make a separate sleeping space for children. With this size of the cushion, children will be able to lie on the cushion until they are 15 years old. Having a separate bed helps children learn to be independent, it also protects their safety. Besides, if families want to let their children lie with other family members, they should choose a size of 1m8 mattress. This spacious mattress size will be suitable for 2 adults and 1 small child.